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Frank Horvat Archive

Frank Horvat is an internationally renowned fashion photographer whose career spanned seven decades. A meeting in 1951 with Henri Cartier-Bresson at Magnum decided his fate as a photojournalist. In the early 50s he traveled all over the world and published his images in magazines like Paris Match, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and Elle in Paris. He is now credited as one of the founders of contemporary French fashion photography. Camilla Grimaldi has access to the Frank Horvat Archive, a very exclusive arrangement for her private clients.


Frank Horvat, Givenchy hat B, 1958, Paris, for Jardin des Modes


Frank Horvat, Coco Chanel, 1958, Paris


Frank Horvat, bathing suit B, 1965, Djerba, Tunisia, for British Harper's Bazaar


Frank Horvat, prostitute and passer-by, 1956, Paris, Rue St-Denis

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